Day 1 to Day 365

Day 1. Workout plan to get fit in 365 days.

I will admit it…

I don’t want to start. Isn’t that part of all of this? I need the 365 days’ worth of motivation to actually make me do the work.

Let’s start with a bit about me

I am your average 38-year-old mom. I have 4 kids and after my 3rd child we decided to tie my tubes. HUGE MEGA HUGE MISTAKE! My hormones went haywire, and I have never been the same. I am talking dealing with a rough 32 additional symptoms after that 3rd c-section. Life was hard for many MANY years! I was 25 when I got my tubes tied and 6 years later, I found out I was pregnant again! WITH MY TUBES TIED?! Needless to say the doctor that gave me the news had me yelling in his face that he was full of shit. (did I mention my hormonal issues caused rage?)…

Anyway it has been some years now. My immune system has been through the ringer and basically tying those tubes caused chronic illness.

So here I am 38 and overweight. Hormones a mess… Feeling sick most days. Anxiety through the roof.

Last year my health demanded to be known and I got what I now know is a very real wake up call. After experiencing covid I became very confused. While my family healed from covid I was not feeling so hot.

I landed in the emergency room with critical potassium. My immune system was dumping my potassium and I was living in critical status. A year prior I had done keto and lost a whopping 45lbs! I was so happy… but my health took the hit.

The doctor placed me on potassium and within 3 months I felt like a new woman. I bought some potassium and have never looked back. I added potassium and magnesium to my daily routine and basically took my symptoms to non-existent. Stopping keto allowed the 45lbs to creep back on and well here we are!

My plan to get my life back involves nutrition, daily workouts and supplements!

After the drastic change my mind and body went through just by adding potassium and magnesium to my daily routine. I AM A BELEIVER! It is time to take my health into my own hands and go into my 40’s feeling fabulous.

Each day is a NEW day!

It is not hard to see that after all the health issues and after the emergency scares I have some pretty nasty depression. Some days are better than others but if I could sleep 3 weeks straight, I would still be sad and unmotivated. That made me realize I will not start to feel better until I make myself feel better. See I kept thinking once I felt better, I would get back to all the things I love… The truth is I never feel better… so another day often feels like it will never come. Not unless I start to make it happen.

Follow along 365 days

We all need motivation in one way or another. So I am using these 365 days to keep me motivated and to allow me to share my journey. No matter how I feel. No matter how bad the depression gets. No matter how many times I fall off of my plan with my eating. I will get back here and document it. This blog will keep my plan in the forefront of my mind.

Today is the day! Day 1

Today I will be doing some kettlebell workouts, some HITT, and a diastasis recti workout.

I have chosen kettlebell because 3 years ago I was in a roll-over accident and my entire body has changed drastically because I lost most of my strength. I know that utilizing my kettlebell and not really knowing if my diastastis recti is healed could cause problems, so I do not recommend doing kettlebell before repairing your diastastis recti.

However: I am taking the risk because I have checked my abs and I have very little separation that I can feel. I will be adding in the muscle repair workouts to help keep my pelvic floor strong.

As for HITT I recently came across a trainer that explained HITT to me and he used the words EPOC. I had never heard of the concept but once I heard it.. IT clicked unlike anything else I have ever been told.

Through HITT or EPOC also known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. We will be working out till we can no longer catch our breath. Our bodies have a miraculous way of repairing itself. Once you exhaust yourself through using all of your oxygen, your body will start the repair process, and this can last for 24 hours. During this repair process your body burns calories the entire time. No more running on a treadmill for hours. No more long boring cardio. If you get your heart rate up during a few minute EPOC exercises you will exhaust all of your oxygen and your body will repair and burn calories for the next 24 hours!

So armed with this information we will be utilizing EPOC through very quick 2-7 minute workouts.

Carb cycling for the win

Remember when I told you I did keto? I lost 45lbs in 6 months. I thought I had found the holy grail or weight loss! What I did not know was I starving my body so badly that once I stopped the keto the weight came back and added an additional 15lbs to be sure I understood there is no easy way to losing weight.

Back at square 1

Going back keto scares me. My potassium was very low after a year of keto. My mental health took a hit too. I was more anxious, prone to panic attacks and my menstrual cycle was greatly affected.

So how could I get the benefits of keto without keto? Carb cycling it is! Basically, with carb cycling we will be tricking our bodies by eating different foods each day. I will have a very heavy carb day, and then a light carb day much like my old keto days. I will be cycling these days by adding ONLY good carbs to my plate on my heavy carb days. BUT still indulging. Cuting out potatoes and fruit on the keto diet was hard. No more with our carb cycling days! Potatoes are good, bananas are good. Rice is good. Grains are good if you can eat gluten. I personally can not.

So carb cycling will be used in conjunction with the actual workouts.

Ready set go! Day 1 to new health.

This will not be pretty! I am not a fitness model. I am a regular mom that is desperate for some change. No pretty pictures to sway you. Simple 5-10 minute workouts EVERY single day for the next 365 days. Let’s make a body transformation that will STICK!


Starting Weight: 185lbs

Current Weight: 185lbs 2/24/2022

Goal Weight: 140lbs

The Reality of Day 1.

Ok, so I did the thing. I worked out… and the word “disaster” could be used. I tried a HITT workout and the timer was set at 5 minutes. By 3 minutes I was ready to give up. That HITT stuff is no joke!

After quickly realizing I am not just a little out of shape, I am past the point of no return. I decided to do some kettlebell exercises and welp I will probably be in misery later tonight.

Here is the break down of the exercises I completed.

3 minutes of HITT.

10 minutes of kettlebell & dumbells.

Onto day 2 tomorrow!

Till then MUCH LOVE!

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