Day 1 to Day 365

Day 2. I am amped with good reason!

Yesterday I started my 365 days to fitness challenge and honestly it was a bust only because I could not hang with the intense HITT for the 5-minute timer. BUT… Today I feel like a new woman and my scale is down 2lbs! I know it is water weight but damn it feels good. I feel a bit sore but nothing that I cannot handle.

Onto Day 2!

Today’s plan. This plan will outline the next 364 days.

USE good moves that can be done within 30 second bursts and that do not involve laying on the floor, I do not have enough room for floor moves. I will try to hang for at least 3 minutes for HITT but I will plan for 5 minutes. As a build endurance and strength, I will add additional moves and time to my HITT routine.

ALSO: Create a strength building routine that involves kettlebell and dumbbells.

I have some ideas of how this routine will look and yesterday I did some easy moves that made me realize that this fast method of working out can and will fit into my daily schedule.

This is everything and I will explain why. Working out has eluded me. First, I did not know what to do. Second research took me forever. Third the overwhelm just made me tired and say FORGET IT day after day.

Well, no more! Instead of over complicating it I am making it simple! KISS right?! Keep it simple stupid.

So now that I understand what has been holding me back. I just need to move it for 10 minutes a day. Involve getting my heart rate racing to expend my oxygen levels and of course add in some strength training because I WANT TO BE STRONG!


Each move should be done for 30 seconds. I do not use a timer. I just quickly time myself. As I get more comfortable with working out, I will add an additional 5 seconds on moves periodically.

For warmup I simply touch my toes, do some windmills with my arms and some gentle arm circles. I do hip circles and knee circles as well.

Let’s Start!


Your legs will cry:

Day 2 has proven that my legs are taking the most impact. I might need to rethink my routine. Till then I am happy getting my heart rate up. I also think I might do the full routine 2x a day later once I become more comfortable. For now, I am doing this routine anywhere I can find enough empty floor space. Again, the floor moves are limited for me because of space. BUT that should change soon.

Grab your kettlebell & dumbbells.

I have realized that if I skip my weights, I feel I have not gotten in a good workout. Feeling that burn in my muscles lets me know things are happening. The added tight feeling is nice. I feel like I walk taller, and my posture is improving.

Light weights are how I want to start:

I am no expert. I have injuries from a bad car accident when I rolled my car 3 times. All of this is the reason I am starting out LIGHT. My dumbbells are 5lbs a piece. My kettlebell is 10lbs. I purchased both off of amazon and have loved the basic equipment so far. Eventually I will upgrade my weights. I want at least a month of working out and possibly 5lbs to 10lbs lost. Till then these lighter weights are giving me a good burn. When I first started research on how to begin, I was convinced I needed the HEAVIEST weights I could afford. This was another mental block happening for me. So please know you can start with those 1lb weights, 3lb weights, 5lb weights. JUST START!

Your mental blocks are stopping YOU!

Even after I complete a workout the doubt will start to set in… why am I doing this? Why am I blogging about it? My mind lies and tells me none of it matters. TRUST is does matter and the days are going to pass regardless. Might as well put them to good use!

I do have favorite moves for my weights

There are a few moves that just speak to my body and make me feel like a million bucks after I have performed them.





Because I am a beginner, I am still perfecting which moves I will utilize every day.  Let’s see what tomorrow holds!

Today’s Stats

Starting Weight: 185lbs

Current Weight: 186lbs 2/25/2022 – I will not panic! I think I am holding onto extra water from working out my muscles. This will be a slow process and I have mentally prepared myself for that!

Goal Weight: 140lbs

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