Day 1 to Day 365

Day 3 of 365 Day Body Transformation

Things are getting um… SORE. Oh my goodness my poor legs feel like they will fall off. Yesterday I incorporated some HITT moves never anticipating that the HIGH IMPACT would leave me in debilitating pain all night long. I tossed and turned until 5am.


I will be revamping my plan today… AGAIN… geesh!

It is day 3 and I have to remind myself that I am NOT an expert. I am a beginner, and I am doing what I call trial and error right now.

Remember on day 1 when I told you I was injured in a horrific car accident?

My car flipped 3 times and landed on top of a pole. I had to fall down into the car cabin and open the door near the ground. I pushed the door as hard as I could. The tip of the door had to cut through the ground to open a large enough space for me to crawl out of the car.


I broke my ribs and walked away. BY GOD’S grace.

The hospital visit was just the start. I woke and had to be reminded that I had been in an accident. The pain was debilitating. It would vibrate through my entire body and many times in felt like my body was imploding from the inside out.

I attended physical therapy and it revealed I had crushed my pelvis. For 10 LONG months the pain was excruciating. Magically on month 10 the pain went away.

I felt blessed and lucky… but my upper back is still numb to this day, my legs are numb, and I often find the pain creeping back in when I overdo it. Over doing it can consist of sitting wrong for too long. Oh the joys of life!

I need to take all of this into consideration when working out. I have spoken with my doctor and have gotten the OK to work out, but I need to listen very carefully to my body.

The high impact of jumping yesterday is not something I want to keep in my routine.

I will add LOW Impact workouts for my car accident injury.

I did a quick search on youtube and found low impact cardio/HITT that will accommodate my need to be a bit gentler with my workouts. This should make sure I can continue to work out even with my injuries but more importantly less pain!

I do not believe in the more pain more gain philosophy. I am simply trying to get stronger after my accident and lose some of this unwanted weight. So yes, I would love a five-star body… but I think slowing down and being mindful of my particular situation will serve me far better in the long run.

Youtube for the SAVE!

I have decided to follow along with youtube for the specific workouts I would like to accomplish. I found a 10-minute kettlebell workout, a 5-minute low impact gentle HITT workout and a 5-minute warm up.

I will most certainly change up my routine through the next 365 days but for now I am still trying to keep things simple even though I am known to over complicate everything!

Because my legs are so incredibly sore, I am jumping straight into a good kettlebell and dumbbell routine.

Here is the kettlebell routine I have used for the day.

I skipped all HITT. I need my legs to recover. At this point I cannot walk upright. My calves have never been so sore.

Here is the 5-minute dumbbell routine I used.

Challenges are NEXT!

In order to stay motivated I will be adding challenges to my journey.

Here is an example of a good challenge. Once I hit 10lbs lost I will do (The 100 Kettlebell Swing Challenge). ECT… Per each goal that I check off not only will I introduce a new fitness challenge. I will upgrade my dumbbells and my kettlebell by getting heavier weights.

I am hopeful that adding in the additional challenges and upgrading as I move through this journey will only reinforce that I am making progress. Talk about motivation!

Speaking of progress: Why I feel discouraged & how I am battling the doubts.

Discouraged was probably not something you could have seen coming… I have worked out for 3 days. 3 WHOLE days and I am not expecting miracles. That is why when I began my fitness journey, I wanted to give myself ample time to make a complete body transformation. Not only in my appearance but in my daily habits, my diet and my overall thinking.

That being said I feel on top of the world minus the stabbing pains in my calves. I have noticed improvement in my energy levels. I normally struggle with non-stop fatigue, and it has been said by doctors that I am struggling with diabetes, thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue. All of these horrible health issues were caused by my tubal ligation in 2010 and so let’s just say health issues have been a big part of my life for what feels like forever.

This little workout journey has my energy levels returning to my younger days! My mind is more focused. I feel more confident that I can finally complete any of my goals. All of this is amazing… that was until I stepped on the scale…

I am surprised one action can literally wipe away all of my progress within my own mind. The scale is up 6lbs. 6lbs seems so small. It is, but once I saw that number, once I saw the puffiness in my body all those doubts I had been successfully holding back, well I will be honest they came back with a vengeance!

The doubts are lying right?!

At the end of the day, I have no idea what I am doing. I have a goal and that is the only thing that keeps me going. Ultimately, I have no idea what to eat. I have been indulging in honey mustard dip with all of my chicken meals. I have only ever lost weight with the keto diet and it all packed back on the second I stopped… so where am I going wrong? Maybe I should just quit. These have been the thoughts I have been battling and honestly if I was not more focused and AWARE of all of my thoughts and feelings through this entire process I would simply (FORGET) to commit to my workout program.

This blog is my accountability.

I want to be healthy more than anything. I would love to feel good in my own body and blogging about this process somehow gives my thoughts and my feelings clarity.

Perhaps being aware of the process, not just the research, not just the day-to-day actions determine the outcome? All I know is that I am having to be extremely true to myself to keep making progress.

8 weeks then I will reassess.

I am worried about the 6lb gain, but I am being realistic. My muscles are probably holding onto more water because my body is being shocked into changes. I also read that it can take up to 8 weeks before I even see any kind of changes. I would love to say I will see huge changes the first week, but I think accepting that this is going to take 8 weeks before I can see my true progress is a very healthy mindset. This way I know I have to stay committed and more importantly I stop looking for those instant gains that will ultimately cause me to become discouraged.

Day 4 is tomorrow!

This next week I will be making sure my diet is up to par. That beloved honey mustard dip will most likely go. My carb cycling plan is still in the process. I plan on making the majority of my diet chicken, salads with limited dressings, unsweetened tea, water, veggies and on my heavy carb days rice, potatoes, and fruits.

It is clear this entire process is trial and error. It really breaks down to what WORKS FOR YOU. and what you can commit to. So yes, there is advice everywhere but at the end of the day everything you include in your fitness journey has to speak to you and your way of life.

I will see you all tomorrow!

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