Day 1 to Day 365

Day 4 of 365 days of fitness.

I wish I could say something exciting happened today for my day 4. BUT. It just did not happen. Today has been the most ho hum day ever.

I am still up 6lbs. Still feeling like my hard work is not paying off. Today I decided to work out in front of my mirror, and it kept me focused for longer resulting in a much better workout. I was able to see the muscles working. Seeing myself and envisioning how my body will look once I am in shape really motivated me. I will be sure to do that from now on.

My diet needs help!

I did purchase all groceries to start my carb cycling diet. I have been indulging in honey mustard dressing with all of my meals this last week and honestly, I think it has stalled any possible weight loss.

Cleaning up my diet was cathartic because I do feel like even though I am not seeing any results yet. If I keep working towards small goals each day, making sure I am more flexible with this process. I want to stay open to tweaking things to get the best results. I know I will get results eventually.

This is a process. One that I embraced when I took on keto the first time around. Keto was a huge success for me. I lost 45lbs in 6 months. My energy level increased. I became a lighter happier version of myself… However, I also became lax and having no appetite made it easy for me to skip too many meals resulting in unhealthy keto. I took low carb to mean 0 carbs. This is a very unsafe way of thinking.

That is why I still need the low carb, but I need to be lax, to be lazy with enjoying some carbs here and there. I will have 2 heavy carb days and my heavy carbs will include potatoes… and some cheerios. I will add in additional carbs as I progress. and figure out what I will prefer for my meal preps. I will not panic when I mess up. I will also never skip a meal or a day of food. My electrolytes are a HUGE importance and so I will be using Gatorade zero each day. I am also taking magnesium and potassium supplements every night before bed. The supplements have been prescribed by a dr. Even with all of these precautions I know I can find myself in the danger zone. I cannot say it enough, keto can be very VERY dangerous. Please take all precautions. and even once you feel covered… take more precautions.  On day 1 of this blog, I explained that 6 months of keto landed me in the hospital with critical potassium. I have a potassium deficiency illness. Keto could have been fatal in my situation.

All of this being said losing weight STILL involves a lower carb diet… It involves eating good carbs and more importantly not overeating.

After my scare with keto… I started eating regular again. We hear it again and again… in my case it was the truth! ALL the weight I had lost packed its self-back on. Plus, to add insult to injury, I gained an additional 15lbs.

Now that I am on the other side of my keto experience. I understand that keto or low carb has to be done carefully. I also regret never working out for the 6 months I did keto. That is why this go around I am going to try harder. I will be more mindful but most importantly I will be careful.

Low carb groceries list

I homeschool my 11-year-old and my 5-year-old and I work from home. That being said I need to meal prep for me and for my 2 boys throughout the week.

This list will have NON keto items on it. I will explain the uses and I warn you I prefer super BLAND food & prep needs to be super-fast to work for my family.

1. Cheerio’s – These have roughly 20grams of carbs per bowl. I will place a few handfuls in a sandwich baggy and when I am feeling like I need a carb pick me up. This will be a fast healthy way to get my fix.
2. Kielbasa – This will be added to a lunch, probably with some veggies.
3. Cheese sticks – keto friendly quick snack to fight off hunger.
4. Spinach – spinach will be added to scrambled eggs. I also include some grits and mushrooms. into my eggs.
5. Sweet potatoes – this will be used for my heavy carb days.
6. Squash – this is not keto friendly, but I will use it cooked in some butter as a side dish and keep my carbs low for the day. I am adding this to help me get some much-needed potassium.
7. Carrots – carrots are not considered the best for a keto diet… but again I think they are a great carb and 1 can has about 16 grams of carbs. I think this is great way to get some needed healthy carbs on my cycle days.
8. Asparagus – used as a side dish. great keto friendly veggie.
9. Mushrooms – white mushrooms or portobello are considered low carb safe. They make my eggs, ground beef meals etc. fantastic.
10. Cottage cheese – this was a staple on my keto diet the first go around. I will be using this as a snack, and as a side dish for lunch.
11. Zucchini – an awesome side dish when sauteed.
12. Cauliflower – we are supposed to love cauliflower on low carb. I just naturally love it especially with some low carb friendly dip as a snack.
13. Peanut butter and apple slices – In the first few months of keto hunger will strike you. The hunger used to drive me mad and I found a few teaspoons of peanut butter was the perfect fix. Add in some apple slices and this is the perfect way to end those middle of the night hunger pains.
14. Pickles – I was hit hard by the keto flu. Sometimes taking huge gulps of pickle juice was the only thing that gave me relief. This time around I will not drop out my carbs to 0 so aggressively and so quickly, so hopefully I can easily move past the keto flu. If not, pickles are a MUST!
15. Broth – I grabbed it for instant relief from the keto flu.
16. Sausage – I add precooked sausage to my egg meals. Maybe not the best low carb… but awesome none the less.
17. Bacon – My son loves some bacon. Personally, it is not my favorite, but I will grind it and add it to my salads for a bit of taste.
18. Shredded mild cheddar cheese – for my salads.
19. Hamburger meat – this will be used for no bun burgers, taco salads, and a green bean casserole.
20. Turkey – I will use this in salads, to make some cucumber sandwiches and turkey pin wheels using carb balance wraps.
21. Cucumber – with a bit of salt this is a great snack, topped with a bit of shredded cheese.
22. Cream cheese – this will be used in my turkey pin wheels and a quick couple of bites if I have not eaten enough fat for the day can stop hunger in its tracks.
23. Carb balance wraps – these were a staple for me last time. Any quick sandwich you can think of you can create on this wrap.
24. Chicken in a can – add some mayo some pickle slices and you have an awesome chicken salad that is keto friendly.
25. Veggie noodles – this is for my heavy carb days. Plus, my boys love their veggie noodles.
Now that I have an idea of foods moving forward, I feel much more confident.
As for the actual working out… well I am still working out the details.

I want to lift more!

Today I focused on adding in more weightlifting moves using my kettlebell and my dumbbells. I will continue to build my routine until I am doing what I feel is a (good) workout. As of now I feel I am not doing enough. That of course could be fueled by the fact that I have had NO visual progress.
Regardless I will still be tweaking my routine till I feel I am getting a good workout in.
Tomorrow is day 5. I feel like I have come so far with all that has gone into getting everything sustainable for me… and yet only 4 days have passed.
We shall see what tomorrow holds. Until then do not give up! If (me) a newbie can do this. Anyone can. It just takes commitment.

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