Day 1 to Day 365

Day 5. Lots of meal planning

It is late, past my bedtime late. I spent the whole day preparing meals for me and my 2 sons for this upcoming week.

Since I am buckling down on my diet. I want to be sure I make food easy for myself.

In my first dish: I prepped some chicken salad using green leafy spinach, romaine lettuce and regular iceberg lettuce. I topped with sunflower seeds, mild cheddar, cucumbers and topped with some broccoli and cauliflower. For my side dish I made a kidney bean salad. I drained a can of kidney beans, put in two splashes of vinegar and added mayo. Mix it up and it is heavenly! In the boy’s plates you will see potatoes. My boys are growing and need their carbs.

My second dish is lettuce wrap colby cheeseburger for me with buttered squash. The boys have buns and a carrot and green bean mix.

The 3rd dish is a chicken wrap. I used the leafy green spinach, romaine lettuce and iceberg lettuce. For the chicken I cooked it in butter and a splash of Italian dressing with some garlic. Topped with shredded mild cheddar cheese. For the boy’s they have regular flour wraps. For me I am using the carb balance spinach wraps. I placed the wraps on a bed of cucumbers with sunflower seeds. For my dish I added extra chicken and a side salad using the ingredients for the wrap. For the boys I will serve them peaches or some pears. 

While making lunches for the upcoming week I threw together this quick meal to help get me through all of the cooking.

I took some kielbassa cooked it on my stove top. I then removed the meat and put in a few eggs. I made dinner for everyone. I think I used 10 eggs. I then scrambled the eggs. I mixed it together and it is a low carb, super-fast dinner.

I had leftovers so I will have that tomorrow for my breakfast.

When I did keto last time snacks were my life savers. Dropping your carbs really quickly will cause hunger. Up until that point I had never experienced hunger like I did while doing keto. I would find myself pacing my food cabinet.

I quickly learned that if I did not have snacks on hand, I would back pedal very fast.

One staple in my fridge is eggs. I take about 24 eggs and boil them. The eggs get my family through the week. There was 6 of us at the time and it kept us all satisfied but really those eggs saved me many of times. Now there are only 4 of us in the house so 24 eggs will probably be a lot. I did boil my eggs regardless and I will use them when hunger strikes or if I have not gotten enough protein in for the day.

A snack that I discovered tonight. I sliced some cucumbers and topped with a pinch of cream cheese. (It was hard getting the cream cheese on top because it is very sticky. BUT OMG worth it!). I then sprinkled some sunflower seeds, salt and pepper. Talk about the snack gods smiling down!

This snack was more like a rich desert. Heavenly! This will become a staple in my diet from here on out.

Drinks are important because it is a good way for me to get some much-needed potassium in my daily intake. Remember I have a potassium deficiency. I bought this cute litter pitcher and I take 2 packets of Gatorade zero and fill a little more than halfway. I sip on it throughout the day but after my workout I find myself gulping it!

I hope my super simple meals have given you some ideas. I know I searched for hours upon hours when starting keto. Getting your food just right is a very personal thing. It comes down to what you can see yourself eating and enjoying. I personally keep my food pallet very simple. I am a bland eater.

The workouts!?

Yes, I am still working out and LOVING IT! I seen myself in front of the mirror today and even though I have not lost weight I looked different! I stood taller, more pulled in and I was like damn! I kind of look like I am getting fit! Can 5 days do that? Honestly, I think it can. My posture is improving. My muscles are tightening and becoming strong enough to hold me in better. To make me stand up taller.

New fun exercise thingy!

Now that I am on my newfound fitness journey, I found myself on amazon and I ordered a Pilates bar. I had seen some videos of women using the bar to lift their legs off of the ground in a fluid like movement and I was hooked! I have had 4 c-sections and lifting my legs straight up while lying down has been very difficult for me. I am guessing the abs have just not been strong enough. So, I ordered my bar and it arrived today. I spent a lousy $9 on it. I was not expecting much!

I laid on the ground, placed my feet in the holsters, held the bar over my head and slowly lifted my legs into the air. It was like cutting butter! It was so fluid like and OMG it felt good! TOO good. I now often think how much I need to do that exercise move again even after I have completed my work out for the day! I might have become a little bit addicted. Needless to say, this Pilates bar will now be a part of my everyday routine.

When I opened the Pilates bar my husband was home from work, my kids needed attention, so I did not give this bar the attention it needs. BUT I cannot wait to add this into my everyday routine.

I also ordered some workout posters that will give me moves for bodyweight, kettlebell, dumbbells and resistance band exercises. I am very excited for those as well and the best part was it cost me $3.95.

I am keeping up with my lifting with my kettlebell and dumbbells everyday but my low impact HITT I have been skipping. Most of the time I do not have enough time to get it plus the lifting done and I find I love how I feel from lifting.

I will keep modifying and get my routine exactly as I want it.

Till then the little bit that I am doing feels too good.

Energy is also improved. So much so that I feel like myself pre-kids!

I am so happy and excited I have taken on this new adventure. It feels like the perfect time and just what this middle-aged momma needed!

I will see you all on day 6!

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