Day 1 to Day 365

Day 6. Holy Poop Batman!

Today is day 6 of exercise towards my 365 days of working out.

I am hoping for a full body transformation in 1 year. I am proud of myself for sticking with it. This blog is a way for me to stay accountable. I am NOT an expert. I am a beginner and most things I have no clue how to accomplish. I do think everyone starts at 0 when starting anything new. Please take my advice with a grain of salt.

I am simply sharing my experience as I work to better fitness, more strength and weight loss in the next 12 months.

What I have learned as I go through this experience

The past 6 days have proven to me that my diet needed a major overhaul. Oddly after googling weight loss meals etc. I had a hard realization that I was eating horribly and no wonder I had packed on 45lbs in the last 6 months.

The meals portrayed as low carb and diet friendly was not even close to the cookies I would binge on with my husband and 2 boys at night.

I was eating in a horrible cycle. Not eating properly all day and then eating pop tarts, toaster struddle, cookies etc. at night… all because I felt like I was starving.

When I began this workout challenge my only goal was to get STRONG and try to lose weight. I never intended to eat low carb or go back on the keto diet. BUT I know it is the only way I will shed this extra weight. So here we are.

Today is day 6 of consecutive working out and day 2 of eating low carb/keto.

Changing your diet changes your bathroom habits!

I have spent roughly 3 hours on and off the toilet today. I feel like I cannot empty my bowels and I did not remember this side effect from the last time I was in ketosis. However, a quick google search revealed that yes this is super common! All the memories of the keto flu came flooding back to me.

I was in keto flu for 2 weeks last time I did keto, and it was MISERY. Absolute misery! I have had covid 2 times and keto flu is comparable to covid when the symptoms are the worst.

That being said this new toilet issue is not my favorite. BUT I am sticking to my diet, and I know the changes will start happening very quickly from here on out.

Last time I did keto I lost 12lbs in 12 days. I know it was water weight, but the first month of keto gave me a loss of 17lbs. I could see the loss very clearly! The rest of the weight crept off very slowly at about 5lbs per each month.

This time around I am a good 16lbs heavier than last time. This does give me doubts on how fast this weight will go.

Regardless of my diet and my keto/low carb progress I am continuing to work out and I have no idea how that will pan out.

I have never followed a fitness routine. I have never even worked out for a full 30 days. I am excited to transform my body through this process and the working out is what is fueling this blog, my passion to keep moving forward and my excitement for things to come.

My Pilates bar is my new favorite workout!

My Pilates bar came in the mail yesterday. After playing with it briefly I fell in complete love! Today I wanted to take advantage of my new bar. I found a workout on YouTube that was 10 minutes long and I followed along. I am still in love with this bar. I cannot explain the awesome feeling of lifting my legs off of the ground. The burn and the feeling of strength. Again, I have had 4 c-sections. It has been years of not being able to lift my feet off of the floor while laying down. Now my legs move in a fluid motion and in 10 minutes I have completed an incredible core workout and loved every single second of it!

Here is the bar I ordered: I paid $9.99 and did not expect much. However, it gets my legs moving and I can feel the core getting stronger.

After I completed the Pilates bar workout I moved onto my kettlebell.

Kettlebell Workouts

I start with sumo squats holding the kettlebell. I love that I am working out my legs and butt. I have found the squats getting easier and easier and for that I feel grateful. I could not complete a few in the past. I like to do at least 20 now and hope to get to doing 40 per each day.

I move onto swinging the kettlebell around me for 20 times, and then I reverse swinging it back the other way. This exercise is easy to complete and I can feel the strength in my back.

I then grab the kettlebell with one hand and bend at my side. Allowing the bell to hang in front of my legs. I do my left side for 20 reps and then move onto my right side for 20 reps.

After that I do the extension where I hold the bell above my head and bend my elbows back behind my back. This is one of my favorite moves because my back feels strong afterwards. I do this for 20 reps.

I finish off my kettlebell workout by completing 30 kettlebell swings. These swings when I first started them had my core burning so bad the pain would keep me up all night. Now I do not even feel the burn.

I started doing 20 reps of each move but sometimes add 5-10 more reps because I am finding after 6 days the moves are becoming much easier for me to complete.

I will continue to use the weights I have but hopefully I can get myself to completing 40 reps of all kettlebells moves and all dumbbell moves. Once 40 reps become easy. I will upgrade my weights from 5lbs dumbbells the pair to 10lbs each. and my kettlebell will most likely go to a 15lbs or a 20lbs. It is currently 10lbs. We will see as of now my arms get tired when I do too many reps so that is a great indicator that the weight is still working for me.

Here is my kettlebell that I ordered from Amazon.

Moving onto dumbbell moves

I purchased these 4 packs of workout posters and follow the dumbbell workout pretty closely.

Tomorow will be 1 week!

I am debating if I will post a before picture and my 1st week after picture. There is not a huge difference and today I did my measurements and I think I have gained more weight.

I know my 1st week picture will not be impressive. It might be nice to compare later. I will think that over.

Till then I will see you guys tomorrow. I am excited to complete another workout!

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