Day 1 to Day 365

Day 7. Diet has started working!

I am 7lbs lighter today and it feels good.

My starting weight was 185lbs.

Through this process I shot up to 188lbs.

Today I am 181lbs.

I am still 10lbs heavier than the last time I did keto.  I am not feeling like the weight will go quickly.

As for working out I am still at it. I have added in the Pilates bar every day and have enjoyed the core workouts.

I have not started a good HITT routine and I know the second I implement that my weight will start dropping. I need that HITT to burn some extra calories.

As far as being in ketosis. I hit ketosis day 3. I could feel it because I spent all day on the toilet.

I have had the dreaded STARVING feeling and so I will be getting back to the store to add in some much-needed snack items. I will most likely buy ingredients to throw together some yummy easy fat bombs.

I find if I eat something with fat or protein it takes care of the starving feeling.

I will admit eating chicken as my midnight snack is not fun or easy. BUT if I want my diet to work. I really cannot binge on sweets like I was every night in the past.

In a few days I will add a bit more carbs for my 1 heavy day of carbs for the week. I might have some fruit, or maybe some cheerios as my breakfast.

I have realized (heavy day of carbs) sounds like a free for all. It is NOT a free for all! A cup of cheerios, half a cup of fruit can be enough carbs for one day! I have to stay mindful because my body is desperate for carbs right now.

As for what I am actually eating I LOVE! It is delicious. I purchased honey Dejion skinny girl dressing and a drizzle on my chicken, and salad is delicious!

When doing keto or low carb I highly recommend you find something you really enjoy. It will make the diet a bit easier.

I am in no way a foodie. I eat to survive… and yet having a bit of food indulgence is a nice treat.

1 week. I survived 1 week.

Let’s go into next week excited for all the changes that will happen rapidly from here on out.

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