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PMDD Really Effects Health

How many times do I have to say (I wish things were different?)

I feel like I say it all the time and it is true. It rings so much truth it is scary.

To anyone following along… you should know my health is pretty shot from a tubal ligation I had done in 2010.

It gave me Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome and later after getting my tubes repaired, I now live with PMDD.

Because of all of this I ended up with lovely adrenal fatigue that stressed my immune system resulting in a serious lack of potassium. Which my doctors are still trying to get all sorted.

Are you guys keeping up because most days I simply cannot.

Needless to say, ANY amount of stress, even working out or dieting can send me into a tailspin.

I often find myself bedridden from pushing myself too hard and now that menopause is knocking on my door life is just, should we say… swell… insert eye roll here.

I am tired most days and I take supplements, and I try to eat better, and I try to move my body and I still end up completely drained.

The doctors often say I am not doing everything right and I need to try harder. So, I do, and I end up tired, unable to do much and the entire cycle starts again.

Not many people can prepare you for adrenal fatigue. I bet a lot of people are living with it and yet they are still in denial. Most people think it is normal. Doctors say that is a normal part of aging. I say NO AND NO!

If you are like me and suffering from adrenal fatigue while trying to lose weight my heart goes out to you.

This battle is hard and many times I find myself giving up mentally.

It is the daily pushes to keep moving forward that keep me going and honestly without if I stopped pushing myself, I would fully give up.

Because let’s be honest. I am tired. So damn tired!

Anyway. My chronic illnesses have come around to bite me in my ass again.

It all matches with my menstrual cycle.

So, to battle even more fatigue I have started taking Blood Builder Iron. It is day 3 and the taste is HORRIBLE. It reminds me of my cats when they lick a glass or something. It really is that awful.

My stomach is in knots, and I have felt unwell. Regardless I know I need the iron, so I am trying to push through.

It has been about 7 days since I got a workout in. I am feeling very failure like. However. I will restart today.

I grabbed a wall calendar, and I will be keeping track of my workouts and diet throughout the month. I am sure we will see my failures come each month during my menstrual cycle. I simply have to accept that.

I think seeing it on paper will justify my battle with hormones currently. BUT more so it will show me that even after I fail. I start again.

AND that is the most important part.

I have been working out on and off for about 2 months now. Finding in my first month I did 3 weeks of exercise. In my second month I did 3 more weeks. Around 6 weeks combined. In that time, I have dropped ONLY 5lbs. The scale is still killing me! BUT. I have noticed I am tighter. I am more pulled in and I am getting stronger!

This is a long PROCESS, and I was so ready for instant results after completing 6 months of keto.

I now have learned the hard way that instant results are not results. Not for me anyway.

I loved losing the weight with keto. I hated gaining it back and worse so the feeling like I will never lose it again. I know I have to commit and do what is right by my body. No starving it!… Moving it more. and accepting this will take a while.

Last week I had my first injury.

Remember last week I had upgraded my weights. I took my 5lbs pair of dumbbells and starting using a 15lb pair of dumbbells. Oh, I felt like a badass!

I mean really here is the girl that flipped her car 3 times. Lives in constant chronic pain and I am throwing around 30lbs during my workouts. Oh yeah. It felt good. So good until it felt REALLY bad.

On night 3 of my high weight workouts my arm decided to stop working. I could not raise it, nor put it down. I could not place any amount of pressure on it.

I really did a number on it.

To anyone who is actively working out with weights. I thought I knew what I was doing only to learn sadly I have no idea.

This means I will be using smaller weights and I will be way more controlled in my movements. The heavier weights will be used with moves that I know will not stress my arms. Injury happens. Yet with me needling to start and stop my workouts, this injury only puts more doubts in my mind.

It is easy to doubt yourself when you feel like everything is against you. Yet I know that is one of the determining factors on if I continue to try. OR if I give up.

I of course will continue to try. Even if this means I will have failure days. Even if this means I have to give up the heavier weights and go back to ground zero.

I will continue. I will make changes as I move forward through this journey.

I just might need to take more breaks than the average person.

If you are following along. I hope you choose to work out today. I hope you choose better foods for yourself, and if you are like me. I hope you give yourself grace when you fall short.

Till next time. Keep pushing! Effort = Results.

Much LOVE!



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