Day 1 to Day 365

Restarting my fitness journey… because I failed!?


Things I have learned the hard way in the last 3 weeks.

Fitness is my JAM!

I really thought working out, eating well and staying on track was all I was I would need to start making and seeing changes… My goodness how I was so very wrong! I guess with age, perimenopause and health issues comes CHANGE. Not the kind I was hoping for… however it was a very hard lesson.

I worked out for 7 days. Ate a diet for about that long and then BOOM it happened! I crashed and burned. I would like to say it was my will power that just simply died… But in this situation that was JUST NOT the case. I ended up bedridden. Sick, weak, no energy… I was hit at the same time with my menstrual cycle, and even that was 7 days late. It was a strange cycle in that I kept spotting and my body was saying ENOUGH!!

Now if you do not know I suffer with PMDD from tying my tubes in 2010. Tying my tubes later resulted in me getting a tubal reversal to help the PMDD and PTLS and I ended up with adrenal fatigue from the surgery, plus c-section of my son that was a direct result of the reversal. So, yay ME! It has been a nightmare and I am a strong advocate of trying to be gentle to your body and mind. However, I was young and full of hope and all that jazz and I have paid for it dearly.

I do believe my strict workout plan is what made me crash and burn so hard. I also believe it is from my lovely adrenal fatigue that I was so tired and unable to function for about a week.

Needless to say I had to quit the diet and REST. ALOT.

Today I got back at it (my workout plan) and I am scared. I know I will be burning out over and over again but I am more prepared mentally for when my body does it’s shut down act.

As of right now I will not be dieting because the 2 combined is just too hard on my body.

Instead I will try to make good food choices and workout for at least 20 minutes a day. 5 to 10 minutes is cardio, 10 to 15 minutes is dumbbells and kettlebell.

Keto is not working the second time around…

So I guess my game plan needs to change. AGAIN. and ALOT.

Now let’s talk about keto. I did keto for over 6 months and dropped 45lbs. The first 12lbs melted off like butter and of course I know it was just water weight. I have tried keto and kept up with it for a week or more and not lost a pound this time around! I was never expecting this and honestly it has placed doubts in my mind that I am somehow NEVER going to lose this extra weight. This has made my fitness journey really hard.

My health has made my fitness journey really hard as well. I am still trying to stay on track even though I feel like I will never get results.

Perhaps I should make this day 1 again…

I am officially making this day 1. I am also adding in 2 rest days a week. Removing my strict diet but still making GREAT food choices.

Will my adrenal fatigue behave itself?

I guess my workouts and my diet need to closely revolve around my adrenal fatigue. I have been taking vitamins for a little over 2 years now and they have been game changers in my health. However they did not save me from my crash this last week. This tells me that my go all in or none attitude will NOT work. This health journey is going to be more like a dance. Now that I am older and dealing with poor health I will need to take it SLOW.

Can it still be done?

Can I lose this weight with adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances and more? I am not sure, but I know that action creates change. So regardless of how hard or how long this journey will be. I have to continue to take action to see any kind of results. When I was younger instant gratification was the only thing I would chase after. Somehow thinking if it was not instant, it held no real value…  Now I am staring at the BIG 40 and instant no longer exists. Everything takes hard work and dedication and my health is an investment that only I can invest in.

I will try to return tomorrow with another update and of course getting myself 1 day closer to better health and fitness. Till then, keep going.. BUT REST ALOT!


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