Day 1 to Day 365

The days are a blur…

Funny enough…

Writing on this blog seems harder then working out and for good reason. Working out takes me max 25 minutes. Writing on this blog takes well over an hour.

Have I kept up with my workouts??!

YES! Without a doubt!. I have done so well with my workouts I upgraded my 5lb dumbbells to 15lb dumbbells. Now that is 30lbs I am lifting and granted when I say 30lbs it sounds so small. It is!! But this win feels huge for me. I easily see myself upgrading to the 20lb dumbbells very soon.

After mastering 20lb dumbbells I will invest in a bench a bar and much heavier weights.

What has kept me going?

I am a Florida girl and we moved farther up north 2 years ago right before covid hit. Literally days before covid hit. Being quarantined and out of Florida really killed my tanning vibe.

I decided months ago to invest in a stand up tanning bed. It’s one of those canopy beds. Now please stay calm… Before everyone has a fit… Yes I know tanning is bad for you. Yes I choose to still tan.

Anyway. I made a little hideaway corner with my tanning bed by putting up a black out curtain. I took my fitness posters and hung them on the walls.

While I tan I get the most awesome killer 20 minute lifting workout in.

I’ve stuck with this because omg it feels good! I get tan, plus complete my workout in 20 minutes flat. Sometimes I mix it up and add in a 6 minute cardio blast, plus a 5 minute pilates bar core routine before I head to my corner. Then I go tan and lift. It is bliss. It’s quiet, away from the kids but still in the privacy of my own home… Pure bliss.

I feel so good and strong and this works for me.

I want to tan, I want to workout… So I just do it!

I never have a moment when I start to tell myself I’m too tired to workout or tan. Seeing the changes in my tan helps me focus on the strength I am building and even if the scale is not moving I still feel accomplished.

I have big plans!

I wish I could say working out has made me drop 10lbs but I would be lying. I started at 185lbs. By my first mid week I was 188lbs. Every night before bed I weigh 184lbs. Every morning I weigh 181lbs.

I think it is safe to say I have lost 4lbs but my water weight still fluctuates each night.

I will be adding in some apple cider vinegar to my diet and I realized I have not been drinking water. I’ve been drinking tea sweetened with sucralose and pectin. I have a feeling this is holding me back and keeping the water weight on me.

I bought lemons and I will be drinking water with a splash of either lemon or apple cider vinegar. Kicking the caffeine habit is gonna be hard so I will start out slow.

I think this will finally shed the water.

Keto is a no go!

Lifting means I need food. Currently my food is limited and I will be making some tweaks. For breakfast I have 2 eggs scrambled, sausage links and sometimes bacon. For lunch I’ve been cooking 2 small potatoes, covering them in cheese, cottage cheese, butter and salt and pepper.

Dinner has been being skipped.

Here is what I’ve learned. The potatoes keep me full all day. I never feel fatigued or weak.

I might be over doing it with the cheese, sometimes sour cream etc.

I will continue the potatoes because I have energy while working out and do not feel like I’ll crash anytime soon.

Instead of loaded toppings I might add a splash of Italian dressing or apple cider vinegar.

I will do a calorie count and determine.

I plan on adding some more veggies to my plates soon.

I have realized that keto crashes me out. My body needs fuel and even if this means my results might take longer I’m just happy I am getting stronger and healthier each day.

I am excited and motivated

I am not getting instant results like I did with keto. But I know in my heart I am 100% on the right track. It is so tempting to want instant results. But getting those instant results do not build lifestyle changes. My being overweight came from a mindset. One that I have to work each day to reset. I would much rather take an entire year to get the body I want.. then get it in 3 months but never be able to substain the changes.

Remember I said I want to be STRONG. That means strong in heart, strong in mind, strong in staying consistent. Strong in my patience.

I want these changes to carry me out to the rest of my life. If that means I need to dedicate myself to making that happen. Then I am all in!

Till next time, baby steps are better then no steps and restarting just means you are still working at it!


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